15 Hilarious Twitter Responses From Ryan Reynolds That Show How Great He Is

If you haven’t had the pleasure of coming across Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account, you’re in for a hilarious treat! It’s always easy to forget the actors and actresses we see on TV and in films aren’t actually their characters, as much as we may want to pretend they are! Celebrities are just like us normal people in the sense they have their own personalities. Ryan, the family man and comical genius, really puts thought into responding to both fans and trolls alike. It’s great that he doesn’t take life too seriously. Take a look to see what we mean!
Website: Twitter

Oh Ryan, so witty!

It’s crazy that there are actually people out there who took this joke seriously!

He does indeed!

Blake Lively is one lucky lady!

Being able to laugh at yourself is such a wonderful trait!

The worry every father faces!

We love the Ryan/Zayn relationship!

Some other time then?!


Think we all dated her in high school!

Ryan is just so likable!


People can be so strange.

If only we could meet this hilarious guy in the flesh! We bet he provides great conversation.

It’s always good to be honest!