Royal Wedding Souvenirs That Are So Bizarre They’re Funny

Royal wedding is, without a doubt, the most glorious occasion in any monarchy. But we can’t say the same to these royal wedding souvenirs that are so oddly hilarious. The anticipation for a royal wedding expands beyond the kingdom because people are eager to witness how royalty weds. Who would ever forget the grand wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana? Of course, not to forget Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding. Now, we have another royal wedding to look forward to as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce to wed on May 19. People around the world are getting excited but here are some treats for everyone as we wait for the big day. Here are examples of royal wedding souvenirs that are so strange they’re hilarious.


This pair of swimsuits bearing the images of Prince Harry and his bride-to-be is something worth grabbing for. Meet the summer season and hit the beach with these royal souvenirs.

Give your kids some souvenirs that will always remind them of this special event. Give them this coloring book as they also explore the love story of Harry and Meghan.

If your kids are not the artistic types, then you can give them these dolls to play with.

If you’re into music, you can have this royal drum as a souvenir. Buy this and you can march to the beat of your own drum.

I’m quite sure I can recognize Ed Sheeran when I see him and he’s definitely not Prince Henry of Wales.

When someone asks you what time is it and you try the imagine the numbers on this number-less clock. It’s 2:48, I think.

Royal wedding tokens that are hilariously bad



Make sure to grab this limited edition of political cereal to commemorate the most-awaited wedding of the year.

British breakfast isn’t complete without marmites. And British royal wedding is definitely not complete without bizarre souvenirs like these.

Kids and even adults love Pez candies. What more if you put them in these candy dispensers.

Last but not the least, these heritage condoms to commemorate the royal union.