Ridiculous Things That Make This World The Funniest Place To Live

If you’re looking for an amusing place to live, look no further than the place you’re living in. These ridiculous things will show you that the world is abundant with silly people who can certainly entertain us. There are people who are downright ridiculous in a very hilarious way. And they are the reason why this world never fails to entertain us in some ways. Do you need proofs to see how crazy this place can be? We have gathered these photos of ridiculous things to show that people’s silliness can be a good thing sometimes.



Please, someone need to free these poor teddy bears from being trapped. Worse, in a toilet seat out of all places.

Mediocre is an understatement to describe the design of this fence. Remind me again what’s the real purpose of a fence?

I wonder if I can eat the pizza without opening the box. But thanks for the instruction anyway.

Next time you see a bunch of pregnant women in movie theaters, you already know they’re hiding something juicy and sweet inside their bellies.

If you don’t have the guts to break the news to a guy, just leave him a message. He’ll surely get the big surprise.

Good thing there’s always a scissor to use when you run out of bread knife.

At all costs, you need to avoid that half-eaten cheeseburger no matter what. There are other toys in this claw crane that you can get aside from that weird leftover.

Silly things we don’t get to see everyday



Dreadlocks are not that different from ropes. Therefore, you can make a leash out of them.

Don’t even try to fight against food because you won’t win. Give up already and give in to food.

Scientifically speaking, water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. So technically, water already contains hydrogen and there’s no need to infuse it with any more hydrogen.

This is hands down the stupidest sign I’ve seen today. But I’ve got to admit, it certainly made my day.

This girl can’t contain her love for pizza any longer. She wanted to share this memorable moment with the one she truly loves.

Is there any better feeling than to wake up in the morning with Nicolas Cage staring at you? This dream is now a reality with this sequin pillow that allows you to reveal and hide Nicolas’ face just by rubbing it. Genius, right?

If ever you feel uncomfortable working on your lap when you’re on a train, you can bring your own working table and annoy everyone around you.

Venturing into a spider business is a very risky move. But we do hope they sell out all the spiders so they can finally sleep without any worries.