These Incredibly Realistic Paintings Are So Good They Look Like Photographs

Isn’t it just an amazing feeling when you come across an artist who just blows you away? Here we present the breathtaking artworks of Germany based artist Mike Dargas. Mike focuses on both surrealism and realism, taking inspiration from great artists such as Caravaggio and Dali. His paintings are made using oils and are hyper realistic in style. Mike also worked as a tattoo artist for 14 years so you know for sure he is a dab hand at being artistic! Take a look at his awesome paintings below!
Website: MikeDargas

Flawless eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick! 

The attention to detail is astonishing. Notice how the eyelashes are messed up from the liquid.

The lines and wrinkles of the skin are done to perfection.

Astonishingly, Mike started painting at the age of 3!

His mother noticed his skills very early on due to the brilliant sketches he would create.

Mike sold his first piece at 7/8 years old to a family friend!

We can’t get over how realistic the hair strands are…

…and also the skin!

Here is Mike in action.

Looking into the eyes of his pieces is just mesmerizing. 

We would love to have some of these pieces hanging up in our homes!

Though, we would definitely struggle on what paintings to choose!

Don’t forget to check out Mike’s Instagram page!