27 Super Realistic Baby Animal And Dragon Creations You Could Adopt

If you’re someone with a lot of love to offer, you’re going to be interested in this post. Self taught designer Lee Cross creates the most adorable and enchanting realistic baby animals and dragons. The fur used is artificial and each creation is weighted to feel like the real deal. Not only this but they are also fully poseable! Take a look below for some examples and to find out how to get your hands on one, or five! 
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Nana The Baby Triceratops 

Chesnutt The Baby Squirrel

Pheona The Baby Hedgehog

Flint And Rose Life Size Dragons

Baby Sloth

Fennec Fox

Tumble The Wolf Pup

The Poptart Kitten


Baby Panda

Olive The Baby Green Raccoon

Dustan The Timber Fox

Brumble The Baby Forest Fox

Lee’s creations are available for adoption via ‘Auction Adoption’ on Ebay. The opening bid for her items is just $15 but we’ve taken a look and the creations are extremely popular meaning bidding wars can result in sales in excess of $1000. So, you’d have to act quickly and have some cash to spare if you want to get your hands on any of them! Lee also has written and illustrated books available for purchase. Keep going to see more adorable creations!

Baby White Tiger

Aquarium Baby Dragon

Flint The Life Sized Dragon

Lilly The Baby Lagoon Monster

Lolly The Baby Loris

Baby Koala

Baby Genet


Tundra Stag

Thunder Stag

Baby Axolotls 

Athena Fantasy Fox

Golden Cheetah Cub

Lee And Some Of Her Creations