The Hilarious Real Meanings Of Our Everyday Words

Do you ever just take a second to think about the words that we use on a day to day basis only to realize that their dictionary definitions don’t do them justice? In fact, the dictionary can be far too kind and rather inaccurate. Here we have a hilarious list of our everyday words with a difference. You won’t see any sugar coating around here! Take a look at the real meanings of the words we use so often and see what you think!
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So, you’re actually calling your loved one poop. Nice!

Things must be even!

And, you can never end the friendships because they know too much.

That’s one way of looking at it!

Unfortunately true.

Evil little things.

The ultimate wing man.


Can you relate?

And, like parents, you’re scared of them telling you off!

The pain is real.

This is hilarious!

Fun suckers!

We are adding this phrase to our vocabulary. 

Well, we don’t know about you but we are absolutely loving these new definitions! It’s crazy how many of them make perfect sense yet you’ve never thought of them that way before. The list is brought to you by ‘HipDict’, a crowd sourced dictionary, formally know as 8DICT. They are open to submissions so if there is a word you have yet to come across that you have the perfect definition for, go ahead and show the world! Keep going to see more of the real meanings of our everyday words!

Painfully true!

Way, way too much.

Technically accurate!

This saying helps numb the pain.

Pets are just the best!

Don’t you just hate this?

We need to print this off and stick it on our wall.

Ohh, burn.

If you want to be honest about it…

Yup. We are all guilty of this!

How very kind of them. Right?

And, you just hope it makes sense!

Tomorrow is always better than today.

We’d like to hear what some vegetarians think of this!