Random Things People Have Done Whilst Suffering From Insomnia

Insomnia can be seriously debilitating for some people. Not only can it make you extremely tired, but it can also make you irritable, upset and down on life. Many people brush off their sleep issues as bad routine or blame themselves for being ‘bad sleepers’ but insomnia can creep up on anyone. For some sufferers, their nights consist of lying awake in bed doing nothing, for others, it means being productive in various different ways. Here we have a fascinating list of random things people have done whilst suffering from insomnia. Take a look!
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Why? Just Why?!

A positive thing stemming from a negative. Yay!

We think lots of people do this!

A story for the grandchildren! Haha!

Well, this is productive, at least!

It’s always good to learn new languages!

All that hard work down the drain. Gutted!

This is actually pretty cool!

Wanting to sleep but not being able to is just the worst!

Google convinces us about all sorts!

Time well spent!

This can be super relaxing and freeing. 

It’s strange how productive night time hours can be for some people!