13 Fascinating Psychology Tricks You Will Want To Try

The power of the mind has always been an extremely fascinating thing. Learning how the brain works and why we behave in certain ways can be eye opening! Given the right information, you can actually influence not only your own behaviors but other people’s behaviors around you, without them even knowing! Here we have 13 awesome psychology tricks that you will want to try. Take a look and you can find things out like how to get that pesky song out of your head that won’t go away, and, how to tell if someone’s watching you. Check them out!

Finally, a cure! And, it makes so much sense.

Warm hands definitely feel nicer.

Hmm, we’re interested to try this one out!

People love a bit of positive affirmation! 

Interesting… but you could just ask nicely!

This is very believable. 

Yawns are forever giving people away!

This is so true!

Paternal wisdom is a wonderful thing, after all!

What a great trick!

We’ll be watching out for this!

Damn them pesky social behaviors!

Silence is rather awkward, so we can understand why this happens.