13 Strange Pregnancy Cravings Presented As Gourmet Meals

Just in case you weren’t aware, pregnancy can bring on a whole host of crazy cravings. A pregnant person might find that something they hated before suddenly becomes something they have a burning desire to eat or drink by the bucket load. Or, they might want to mix foods that would usually make them feel sick. And, that’s not all. Sometimes pregnant women want to eat things that aren’t even what you would ever think would be edible, such as sponges! Well, Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus runs an interesting website that takes submissions by women stating their odd cravings. Vicky then tries the recipes and photographs them as if they were a gourmet meal. Take a look below to see a selection of some of the strangest submissions!
Website: EatingForTwoCookBook

Gherkin Cocktail

Chocolate Olive Cake

Steak And Ice Cream

Soap Medley


Beans And Cream

Mars Bars And Bacon

Oreos And Toothpaste

Oranges And Tomato Sauce

Used Matches

Ice Cream And Chilli Sauce

Mashed Potato And Caramel Sauce

Sausage And Jam