This PMS Ice Cream Perfectly Describes How Women Feel During Their Time Of The Month

If you’re a female reading this who tends to breeze through her time of the month, this post may not be so relatable to you. But, for those of you out there who go through absolute hell during that dreaded week, you’re going to appreciate what we’re about to show you! Parker Jones, a graphic designer, created these witty and accurate ice cream labels that depict the various thoughts of women enduring bad PMS symptoms. Sadly, the ice creams are just a fun concept, but we think these could really take off if they were real and tasted good! Take a look!
Website: ParkerJones

Probably the most common thought when in pain!

A phrase many partners and family members have been told…

The first thing you feel when the sweet stuff runs out…

The hunger cycle…

The emotions cycle…

The cycle of the week in general!

We think the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing, don’t you?

We could see these flying off the shelves if they were real!

Anyone else now craving ice cream like mad?

These really would make the perfect gift for a PMS’ing patient.