13 Pinterest Food Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Culinary Skills

Any Pinterest users out there will know that the awesome site is a great place to find inspiration and projects to try out. One particularly popular thing on there is food and drink. However, as with many things in life, something you think will be quite easy or achievable can end up being a complete disaster! Here we have 13 amusing Pinterest food fails that are bound to make you feel better about your own culinary skills. Yes, these people may have failed miserably but it’s the trying that counts! Take a look!

We wouldn’t want to see this on our breakfast plate!

The attempt looks like it’s got dirt in it! 

R.I.P strawberries!

This could scare a child!

Those teeth are awful!

At least they tried!

Well, seeing as this fail is a Halloween creation you could say the little monstrosities were intentional!

5/10 Good try!

Some things are better left simple!

What a waste of good ingredients!

You would have to pay us to drink the one on the right!

Something tells us, this Tardis does not look better on the inside!

What a shame!