Funny Pinterest Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Attempts

If you are a creative and optimistic person, you’ve probably dabbled in trying out a few ‘Pinterest’ projects. Now, we’re not assuming the worst about you but it’s highly likely at least once things haven’t gone to plan, right? Many people aren’t too ashamed to admit that trying out certain ‘easy’ things ended up in horrific failures. But, those people aren’t alone! And, here we have an amusing post where people share their Pinterest fails that are sure to make you feel better about yourself. Take a look and always remember practice makes perfect!
Website: Whisper

Mmm, a nice, warm cup of cement! Yum!

We hope no one was injured!

At least it came in handy at some point!

We are cringing at picturing the mess a project like this would entail… 

Tasted like death… interesting!

Some things turn out to be not your cup of tea pretty quickly…

Shame the make up got wasted but this was good practice! 

Hopefully the jewelry didn’t hold high sentimental or financial value!

Not a combination we want to try, thanks!

This sounds horribly dangerous! 

We’re sorry this person’s plan didn’t work out as hoped…

Can’t beat a normal pizza crust!

Sounds like a big, ugly mess!

Yuck! We won’t be trying this one for sure!