These Photoshop Requests Were Hilariously Fulfilled In A Literal Way

Thanks to the advent of photo editing software such as Photoshop we can change things we don’t like about our photos. Whether this be something or someone in them that ruins it, or, something about ourselves we want to alter, there’s a world of possibilities. However, most of us lack the skills to do this ourselves. Luckily there is a Photoshop wizard called James Fridman that happily takes requests, but, he takes them very literally. Take a look and see what we mean!
Website: JamesFridman

If this person spelled the Eiffel Tower ‘Eyefell’, we’re going to guess they know she lied!

Wish granted!

Awesome choice of train.

Bye bye, Bern.

No risk of confusion here!

Great, now we’re thinking about pizza…

Soooo cool and Tumblr.

Watch out! Badman alert…

This is just awesome.

What’s wrong with having the same pose?

Aww, we think this guy fit in perfectly fine before!

Mates can be cruel at times.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a ship!

Isn’t James just awesome? We can’t get enough of his wit. We would love to have him edit a photo of ours but we’re a little scared at what the results might be! As it has been made clear, you must be very sure what you are asking cannot be misinterpreted. Also, make sure if you do put a request in that you are happy for your photo to potentially be seen by thousands of internet users. Keep going for more hilarious edits!

Soaring high!

What Jay-Z would look like with long hair!

An interesting request to say the least…

We hope this girl wasn’t too disappointed! 

This is a nice response.

At least spell James’ name correctly when asking him for something!

We are glad the correct person was removed.

Much better!

We absolutely love James’ sense of humor.

We bet this person was super happy with this makeover!

‘Super’ big boobs? Be careful what you ask for!

Another nice response from James.