Photos that could not have been timed any better

In photography, all it takes is a perfect timing in order to capture a perfect photo. However, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture perfectly-timed photos such as these examples. Some may call it sheer luck to be in a perfect situation at the right time but who cares? We’re all so fortunate to have the chance to see these rare occurrences on pictures. The thing is, we may never see it happen again so why not make the most of it? Laugh till you drop with these perfectly-timed photos that were able to capture funny mishaps at the exact moment.


This should’ve been a perfect photo but the guy stumbling at the back ruined it all. On second thoughts, the guy in the background actually stole the spotlight from the girl.

Oh, we get it! The winner gets to wear the mustache, right?

There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold soft-drink but I doubt that’s the right way to drink it.

The most exciting part in filling in water balloons is the exact moment when it bursts and explodes. That split second has been proven to be impossible to capture but some people managed to do the impossible.

We can forgive the poor quality of this picture but the girl at the background brutally devouring a corn-dog is somewhat unforgivable.

If you think only Jackie Chan can execute this climbing stunt, let this agile mouse prove you wrong.

When you can’t keep up with the speed of your bicycle tire, it will leave you behind.

Catastrophic incidences captured at the right moment



This photo taken a split second before this man hits the water makes it seem like he’s hovering over the water.

Things are not looking good for this girl. It would be so sad to see that beautiful smile turn into gloom when everything falls into place.

Just when we thought that everyone has gotten over the cinnamon challenge, some people are still on it and continue to embarrass themselves.

Not all cats are the same. There are cats who love the camera and there are those who loathe it. In taking photos, pick your partner wisely.

This is the moment when you just want to press a Pause button to prevent something from happening. We can’t bear to watch those beers go to waste.

Admit it, you’ve also experienced bursting out laughing while drinking something. Spitting some liquid from your mouth when you can’t impede your laughter anymore is a repulsive sight. Look at this kid spitting milk from his mouth and nose. That’s so unsightly.

And just like that… tonight’s party has been cancelled, guys!

Nope, this is not a new hairstyle. This is how a snowball breaks down the moment it hits your head.

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