Photos of Bizarre Things That You Simply Have To See To Believe

People tend to believe only what their eyes can see. There are bizarre things that are hard to believe unless we can actually perceive them with our own eyes. It’s interesting to hear some weird stories but believing them is a different thing. People actually need to see solid proofs in order to accept them as truth. That’s what we’re going to do now. We’re going to show you photos of bizarre things to convince you that everything you read here is real. Just like they always say, you’ll need to see it to believe it.



The skull of a Mayan aristocrat shows the ancient concept of nobility and beauty by carving their teeth and putting jade inlays, all without anesthetic.

This was not a scene from a sci-fi movie or any Pixar animation. This is a microscopic capture of a tardigrade under an electron microscope. Despite their minuscule size, they are considered the toughest animals because they are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer space.

A normal egg in comparison with a strange-looking egg that looks like it’s made of paper. The strange-looking one is due to the lack of calcium in the hen’s diet. But it’s perfectly as edible as the normal one.

Two bananas in one skin are called twin bananas in some countries. You’ve probably seen double-yolk in a single egg. Apply the same principle in bananas and you get double-bananas.

The stick attached to the camera may look weird but it’s actually a macro lens specifically used for high-magnification photography.

If you read this comics excerpt, you may wonder why Captain America is so desperate to eat his shield. Which doesn’t make sense, actually. But the story behind is that a super-villain shrunk himself and infiltrated inside Captain’s body in order to kill him. The villain’s weakness is the metal that makes up Captain’s shield. Hence, he needs to eat it to kill the villain rampaging inside him.

This blurry image may look like nothing special. Now try to stare at it and fix your eyes on the same spot for 30 seconds. You can see the image slowly fading. The Troxler effect is an optical illusion wherein things outside the area of fixation seem to disappear in sight.

Weird things with strange stories


Is that a severed head of a snake? It looks like it but it’s not. It’s a caterpillar’s way of self-defence mimicry to deceive predators.

In the Banyan Town shopping center in Okinawa, there’s a structurally-innovative restaurant nestled atop a man-made 20-ft banyan tree. Customers can climb the spiral staircase or ride an in-trunk elevator to reach the restaurant.

Spam-theft was so widespread in Hawaii that supermarkets have devised different anti-theft methods to protect their merchandise from being stolen.

Most of us have experienced pruney fingers resulting from prolonged exposure to water. It was initially believed that wrinkled skin is a biochemical reaction in which water draws out skin compounds, leaving it wrinkly. But it turns out this theory wasn’t entirely true. Further scientific studies reveal that this is our body’s unique response to water that improves our grip on wet or submerged objects.

One look at this eerie piles of skeletons and no one would’ve thought this is an actual church. The Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic contains the skeletons of 70,000 people who died from the great plague in the mid 14th century.

Back in the days when asbestos was deemed as a miracle mineral, it made a trend in the jewelry industry and everyone craves for it. Little did they know that this mineral will one day be deemed as one of the most dangerous minerals in history of mankind.

The babirusas belong to the swine family known for having two pairs of tusks. As they grow, the upper tusks curve back toward the forehead. The tusks continue to grow as one of it burrows into their skull and kills them.