Pictures Of People’s Pets Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

Most pet parents would have used the phrase ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ many times. Your companion always has their own particular way of responding, right? Well, Reddit user ‘JavaReallySucks’ decided to share their pet’s response to being called a good boy and it has caused an influx of people to share their own amusing images of their pet’s reactions to being called a good boy/girl. The difference between the dog and cat responses is hilarious! Take a look!

When you win an award you never thought you’d get…

This cat doesn’t give a damn about being good!

When you’re really hungry vs after you’ve eaten…

When you want to be an evil kitty but your owner keeps calling you good…

This pooch is clearly modest!

So much attitude!

The tongue poke of happiness…

This snake looks like it wants a stroke!

This bird likes what he hears!

‘Thank you so much!’

That is one very exited bird!

This dog looks so soft. Cuddle please!

‘Good?! I am NOT good!’

‘Who? Me? I’m a good boy? Me??’

What a gorgeous smile! 

When your family tell you to smile in photos…