People Who Got The Last Laugh With their Witty Comments

The internet has become an exciting battle field for keyboard warriors and the ‘word war’ just keeps on entertaining us. Most of the times, people who give the most witty comments usually win the battle. Witty captions and comments don’t only make them win the war but also the hearts of the people. In order to rule over the internet, all you need is a good combination of cleverness and sense of humor. Here are examples of people who won the internet for their witty comments and captions.



You may think the world have changed over the years but you’re wrong. Almost everything is still as it is until now.

Just like the way the magical genie was trapped inside the bottle too. What a dumb genie.

While everyone’s dreaming of change, there’s someone who prefers to stay the same.

We all have our own greatest fear but this one takes the cake for being the weirdest one.

Give us something new because we’re sick of watching people lip-syncing inside their car.

Just when you thought that being a member of the Friend-Zone Association is unfortunate enough, then there’s this guy that’ll make you feel better about yourself.

What could be worse than to force a laughter on a joke that you’ve heard a million times?

People who called out in the most hilarious way



All I can say is that these two States are living next to each other. One is well-loved and the other is… I think I’ll just stop here before the people of Wisconsin get mad at me.

Tell me, why can’t cow go to the beach just like people do?

This statement is 100% true and it certainly doesn’t contain 70% air like a Lays bag.

The fish was right and I think I’m on the side of this fish on this one.

Never poke an iron while it’s hot, especially if you’re considered just a thing of the past.

Let the sneak-in challenge begin.

It’s not as if people don’t expect the younger generation to take over one day.

But how did it happen? Did I miscalculate or is there no such thing as living within your means?