People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

This is supposed to make me feel better but I can’t help but feel sorry for Mr. Wayne.

For crying out loud, how many people would fall victims to this catastrophe?

People who are having a very bad luck

Someone learned his lesson the hard way. This is why you need to pay attention when they warn us not to use dish soap on dishwashers. Now it’s too late for regrets.

Just when you thought you have all the luck in the world for having the chance to have a photo with Conor McGregor, and then he suddenly crops you out. What a poor sad soul.

We don’t know what happened to this bride and we sympathize with her feelings. I know this isn’t a laughing matter and we want to know how she ended up in the subway with this bitter expression. This is just a reminder that misfortune can ruin your most important moment.

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