People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Would it make you feel better if you see someone having a worse luck than you? If so, then take a look these photos of unlucky people who are having their worst day ever. Luck is indeed unpredictable. One moment you’re having the best day of your life, then suddenly everything seems not going your way. It’s the way of life because you can’t simply have all the good things in the world. If you’re having a good luck today then expect some bad luck on the way. At least you have time to prepare for the worst, right? But these unlucky people didn’t see their worst day coming.


When random checks at airports isn’t exactly random anymore. He shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

There are other ways to cool down your seat than to pour ice-cold soft-drinks on it.

Why buy new shoes when you can change the color of your shoes in an instant, right?

Spongebob should be very happy to learn that someone is a worse driver than he is.

Who do you think had it worse? The road workers who had to redo this thing over again or the kid on this scooter who is probably running to his Mom crying?

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