People Who Are Doing Things Their Way

Living in a free society has a lot of perks. But these people choose to enjoy their freedom in the funniest way possible. Freedom allows us to do whatever we want as long it conforms to the law. Since we’re free to be funny, why not make the most out of it? Besides, this weary world needs more hilarious people who can provide lots of laughter. You don’t need to leave your seat to find some funny people who can cheer you up. We have gathered funny photos of people who really know how to use their freedom in doing silly things. It’s time to liberate yourself from the chains of sadness and feel free to laugh at these photos.


Wooden cars will be the car of the future. They are lighter and more efficient than their steel counterparts. But I’m not so sure about this one. It looks like pieces of plywood are assembled together to form this dubious-looking car.

One of the campers is a vegan and you can just figure out who that is by looking at this photo.

This is our own version of hibernation. But unlike animals, we are not picky on the season to hibernate because we can do it anytime we want.

Well, they said it’s a free refill. I might as well take advantage of it.

This clever family decided to embarrass their daughter at the airport by dressing up with strange costumes.

When you can’t contain your obsession with eagles any longer.

This boy is about to experience an ear-splitting music that will literally split his eardrums into shards.

Free people who can get away with their silly antics



Best-friends help each other in times of need. When you need an Instagrammable photo, a best-friend is there to take it for you.

This is a cyclist’s idea of a perfect date.

There’s something wrong with this kid’s parents. I mean, look at that kid’s car. But the kid seems to like it so I think we’re good.

The red dress looks good on him though.

How do cup noodles and tequila taste? Would you dare to try it too?

An apology from a pineapple-hater, along with the refund.

This is actually a great idea for those who intend to quit smoking but don’t have the guts to actually give it up.

While most of us are sitting on our chairs, this guy is sitting under the chair. I don’t know what’s got into him but as long as he’s comfortable then we’ll just leave him be.