People Trying Their Hands At Technology And Failing Hilariously

In this current generation where technology is reigning over, it’s almost unforgivable to see someone who can’t operate computers. But we should definitely give baby boomers a pass because we understand that technology isn’t exactly their thing. However, some boomers aren’t ready to raise the white flag just yet. They won’t just let the modern world get the best of them without a fight. While some of them are successfully riding along with technology, there are some who are still failing and trying again. Here are examples of baby boomers trying to win over technology but failing in the cutest way possible.


“My grandma called me over to fix her computer because everything moves backwards.”

If you don’t know how to text with your phone, write your message on a paper, take a photo of it, and send the image to the recipient. Problem solved!

Technically, wireless signals are electromagnetic waves traveling through the air. Normally, you would think that these signals can be trapped and be released together with the air. Unfortunately, that’s not how WiFi works.

When you asked your Dad to upload his first Facebook post and this is what he came up, a photo of an actual post.

This particular Dad has been complaining about his phone’s screen protector having texts on it which he’s been using for months. Sorry to break it to you, Dad. But that’s not a screen protector but a plastic film that comes with the phone.

Maybe it’s time to teach your Granny how to use bookmark features on her browser to save her from writing down her favorite sites on paper.

Never rely on speech-to-text features because they mess up the message most of the time. The outcome can be hilarious at times.

Imagine the possible chaos if Netflix offers their streaming media on a first-come-first-served basis.

Older people trying and failing at technology



When your enthusiastic Mom finally learns how to use emojis, prepare to be flooded with endless torrent of emojis.

“My dad doesn’t know how to turn off this front camera heart feature on his phone and he tried to send me a photo of his new stove.”

When you ask your Grandma to send you her latest selfie, which she did actually. She did take a mirror selfie with her phone, printed it on a photo paper, and sent it through snail mail.

When your parents try to fix the internet connection by themselves and you’re trying to be courteous not to tell them never to come near the router ever again.

I’m not going to make fun of his poor eyesight but a pair of eyeglasses should have been a better option than to zoom in the entire screen to that level.

There’s actually nothing wrong with affixing your name at the end of every text message. Annoying, yes! But there’s really nothing wrong with it.