People Share Their Struggles On Coping With Anxiety And Depression At Work

Anxiety and depression really does ruin lives. It can be a daily struggle for people to even get out of bed. People’s situations are often made worse by the fact they have to go to work. This can send anxiety and depression into overdrive for numerous differing reasons. Sadly, many people lack support and help with these issues, particularly at the work place. Though, this isn’t always the case. Here we have some first hand accounts of what it’s like to suffer with anxiety and depression and work at the same time. Take a look!
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Feeling embarrassed just makes things so much worse. 

They are in some places! 

So many people hide the true reasons for not being able to go into work.

People can’t cut you any slack if they don’t know that you’re struggling.

You’d be surprised at how understanding some people can be.

This is disgraceful! 

A dilemma so many face.

This is how things should be!

Being shadowed is often to much pressure for some people to handle.

Sometimes a diagnosis can help with getting the correct treatment.

We feel really sorry for people in situations like this.

This is really relatable.

Being faced with so many different people on a daily basis can be scary.

We’re glad to hear this!

It’s truly sad to read how many of these people feel trapped in their jobs. The lack of support and understanding in some of these cases is shocking. Equally sad is the amount of people who feel that they can’t share their issues with others out of fear. However, it’s nice to see a few positive stories thrown into the mix. We hope that this post helps people to be more understanding to the situations of others and that it has shown the reality of the crippling feelings sufferers face. Keep going to read more!

This sounds really destructive. 

People really do need to think before they speak.

We don’t feel like putting a deadline on this is helpful at all. 

Maybe a career change is in order.

This is lovely!

This person has a great attitude.

People cope in different ways.

It’s easy to put on a mask for some people.

Life really is full of pressures. 

This kind of stuff makes us mad. The boss should be ashamed. 

That doesn’t sound like a very supportive wife…

The little things can mean the most!

Acknowledging your struggles is always the first step.

This boss doesn’t sound too great…