People Not Having Much Luck With Their Day

There are days when we bask in the sunshine and there are also days when we shiver in deep snow. If it makes you feel better, take a look at these unfortunate people having incredibly bad luck. You’ll surely appreciate your own life when you realize that someone is having a more terrible day than you. If you ever wonder how a doomsday feel then try to put yourself into these unlucky people’s shoes. But I bet you won’t wish to be in their shoes. Especially when you see their photos showing how they try to survive a day of incredibly bad luck.


They should consider replacing lightweight portable toilets with heavyweight materials that wouldn’t be blown away by strong winds. Whoever is inside that thing is having the greatest predicament whether to move a muscle or just wait for a rescue.

Of course, you’ll get burned if you play with fire. But she’s okay, lost some strands of hair but she’s okay.

Would you rather have a bad fortune cookie or a no fortune cookie? Looks like it’s telling you that you’ve no future at all.

If only there was someone around that can teach her how to rotate the pictures instead of rotating the laptop.

Lucky charms aren’t that lucky after all. Say goodbye to a lucky breakfast.

You can’t shake off that subtle message no matter how hard you try. Was it an honest mistake or a deliberate message? Who knows?

Getting drunk is definitely not his thing. But at least he still managed to figure out that the floor is much filthier than the urinals.

People with the worst luck ever




Alright, Chad! Take a shat of this coffee and be on your way.

That annoyingly uncomfortable feeling when something drops at the worst spot at the worst time.

Can we still call this a jelly donut? Since it doesn’t contain jelly, I guess we’ll just call it a plain donut without a hole.

I know that this is not a laughing matter but can you blame them? Admit it, you’re also laughing at this poor kid. Now his Dad has to sacrifice the railing just to get his son back.

Forget about your phone. Just feel the breeze and seize the moment.

They should’ve just written it in Portuguese instead. Now the message means entirely different from what she intends to be written.

Finding ants inside a salt shaker isn’t something you don’t see everyday. Did the ants think it’s sugar?

Is there an epidemic on tires that we’re not aware of? Look at that inflammation!