People Confess The Different Reasons Why They Are Still Single

There are many different reasons why a person is single. This is most often due to the person simply not wanting to be in a relationship, or feeling like they can’t find the right person. Whether out of choice or not, the varying reasons people are single can be quite interesting! Here we have a selection of people confessing why they are living life solo. Take a look and see if you relate!
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The right person will come along!

Finding the right person takes time.

This sounds easily achievable! 

It’s often easier to help people than to help ourselves…

These are qualities many people admire!

Some people want someone they can grow with.

It’s true the best things come when we least expect.

Show them the real you then!

There will be someone that appreciates the honesty.

Some people like a high maintenance partner to keep them on their toes!

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards but maybe this guy needs to be a little more open minded…

Sometimes it’s good to make these things known early on!

It’s actually quite sad reading how many of these people have self confidence issues and seem to feel like they can’t find someone to accept them for who they are. It sounds very cliche but as the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait’. We admire that many of these people would rather be single than settle for less than they deserve. Keep going to read more of the reasons people are currently single…

Intellect is nothing to be ashamed of!

Show them that they are wrong!

Interesting! We’ve not heard this before…

This could make a man feel emasculated. It all depends on the person!

Then it’s a good thing to be single until that feeling comes.

Many people have this fear. Find someone that makes you feel secure!