People Reveal The Huge Disagreements On Parenting That They Had With Their Partners

It’s inevitable that parents will disagree on certain things. Although many people choose to have children with people that share their values, it can be hard to cover absolutely everything, so, sometimes disputes arise. It can be really difficult to resolve certain things because how do you decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Who makes the ultimate decision, mom or dad? Here we have a selection of people sharing the disagreements on parenting that they had with their partners. Take a look!
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Equality is a must.

Unfortunately, girls and boys are often treated differently. 

The child and parents ultimately suffer when discipline isn’t enforced.

This sounds like something the parents will just have to agree to disagree on…

We’re on mom’s side with this one!

Maybe the couple could compromise in which the dad chooses one ‘lie’ he wants to go along with and mom chooses one they don’t until they have covered them all!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays too!

Hmm, what are your thoughts on this?

Luckily the child involved here has at least one sensible parent!

How ridiculous. 

Getting a pet is a huge commitment. All parties must be on board!

We bet a lot of parents disagree on this topic.

What’s the need to swear around children? We see none.

These parents should probably agree on how to discipline their child, or the kid will get confused and behave differently for each parent.