Hilarious Panorama Fails That Will Make Your Day Better

If you’ve got a smart phone or modern camera, it’s likely you’ve dabbled in the awesome panorama feature that allows you to take several photos that then fuse together to make one larger image. This is great for group photos, landscapes etc. However, it’s not difficult to mess it up and this often occurs if there is something that moves in the images you are taking. As annoying as this is, it can result in some ridiculously hilarious creations and here we have a selection that are sure to make you laugh. Take a look!

When there are two sides to your personality and you often switch…

Beware of the two legged cat creeper!

Introducing the chin rest! Now you can keep your hands free whilst relaxing your head!

The person who took this photo should let the photographer pictured handle things in future!

So damn creepy! Centipede baby!

This new breed of cat can run at speeds of over 100mph…

This interesting dog gets around by jumping like a kangaroo.

Beware! Strange new creatures are being found in countryside areas!

This is our favorite! 

How did this happen?

When your face naturally gravitates towards a camera but leaves your head behind…

How you feel after leg day…

A rare find in the mountains, never before caught on camera!

Can you imagine riding this horse? It would probably be doable at walking speed!