Intriguing Optical Illusions On Arms That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s something about optical illusions that is just so addictive. You see one, and you want to see more! Probably because they are so intriguing and confusing! Here we present the fantastic creations of face painter and aspiring body artist Lisha Simpson. Combining the use of good angling, a black background and the right lighting, Lisha creates optical illusion masterpieces! Using solid black paint to complete her pieces, a photo editing app helps Lisha to blend the background with her arm to perfection. Take a look!
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Lisha is inspired by many things, including culture, music, movies and, of course…

…bright colors!

She is so into her painting that if Lisha goes a day without she feels like she is experiencing withdrawal!

Lisha is particularly fond of illusion style body art due to the fact is is out of the ordinary. We completely agree!

She also admits to being fascinated by anything ‘weird or unusual’.

We wish we had a talent like this!

Lisha may be an aspiring body artist but we can see her going places.

How awesome would it be to have your own arm transformed?

Each illusion is finished to perfection.

And, there is something to suite all tastes. From butterflies all the way too…

…musical instruments!

This piece is our personal favorite…

…although, we are blown away by them all!

We hope to see Lisha’s hard work take off in the future!

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