Hawaiian Artists Create Beautiful Vases That Capture The True Beauty Of The Sea

The ocean can be a calming and blissful thing. Watching the waves crashing and hearing them flow rhythmicly truly is a wonderful experience. Here we are about to show you the most beautiful vases inspired by the sea. Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker are two glass artists for “Kela’s Art Gallery’ based in Kauai, Hawaii. They have perfectly captured the idyllic and serene effect of a wave, in a vase form. Take a look below and prepare to be blown away!
Website: Kela’sGlassGallery

The vases were first inspired by a ceramic sculpture that Marsha made many years ago.

To create the stunning pieces you see, a variety of powdered, colored glasses are used in many layers to create the gorgeous aqua themed colors. 

Specially prepared ‘chips’ of broken glass are used to decorate the vases giving the ‘foam’ effect of a wave. It works perfectly!

The artists are enthusiasts of distance ocean swimming and they love the ocean environment that they live close to. 

Unsurprisingly, the vases have become extremely popular in terms of both admirers and clients of Kela’s.

Kela’s Glass Gallery is annually nominated as one of the Niche Top 100 Craft Retailers.

We think these pieces would not only compliment any home for its inhabitants, but be a massive talking point with guests. Just looking at images of the vases, we feel calmed, captivated and blown away at their beauty. They are truly wonderful and unique. Don’t forget to check out Kela’s Glass Gallery via the link at the top of this post!