These Couples Had Non Traditional Weddings With No Regrets

Many couples have an ideal for what would be their perfect wedding. Of course, this will vary hugely. Many brides and grooms like to go all out in what people would call a ‘traditional’ wedding. But, for others, a ‘non traditional’ day was the best decision of their lives. Here we have an interesting selection of people’s wedding experiences that might surprise you. Take a look and see what you think!
Website: Whisper

This would be interesting to see!

This is sweet! 

Sounds like a brilliant day!

Wow! What a surprise!

This is lovely!

We bet the guests at this wedding had a blast!

Wedding dresses don’t have to be white!

This sounds like a lovely and intimate affair. 

Having no debt is a nice way to start a marriage!

Aww, we hope the dog enjoyed the day!

An interesting idea!

A wedding is such a wonderful opportunity to let your tastes shine.

We bet the big reveal at the alter was great!

This wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s nice that this family is clearly close.