The Reasons Why People Didn’t Go On A Second Date Will Leave You Cringing

A first date can be an exiting, and nauseating, thing. If you’ve got no prior connection to the person you are going on a date with, there’s just no telling how they’re going to behave or what they’re going to say. However, most people just pray they aren’t meeting a dangerous person and take the plunge! Sadly, this doesn’t always pay off and you can have an experience so bad you know for sure there is not going to be a second date. Here we have some cringy stories and reasons why people called it quits after date number one. Take a look!
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Sore loser!

Whinging isn’t fun on a date!

Harry Potter is to be respected!

Aww, some people just love their cats!

A bit of a warning sign!


She probably hadn’t quite moved on…

How awkward and embarrassing!

Food is clearly a deal breaker for this person!

Oh dear, the perfect way to make someone want to run!

Can you imagine your date turning up with their parents? Strange!

Rudeness is a big no no.

This sounds petty but it shows bad manners!