Nightmare Bosses You’ll Be Glad You Don’t Work For

Many of you reading this will be lucky in this sense you will have a great relationship with your boss. Unfortunately, for many others this isn’t the case at all. The working world can be rife with managers abusing their power, treating employees with extreme disrespect, among many other terrible things. Here we have a list of stories by people who can safely say they have/had a nightmare boss. Take a look!
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A common trait among terrible bosses…

Because, of course, it’s your job to remember your manager’s password?!

How irritating.

This is sad for the district manager but they are clearly being unfair.

This kind of fear is common.

Some managers just don’t deserve their title.

Jealousy in a nutshell!


What are you supposed to say in a situation like this when you’re worried about being fired?

How petty. This mother should be happy that her children love their nanny.

Bitterness overwhelms some people…

This is despicably cruel.

This is unacceptable! 

Bullying can ruin lives.

We’re sure you’re already stunned at some of these stories but it’s about to get even worse. However, if you’re someone who’s experienced a nightmare boss, you may not be too surprised at these stories at all. It’s absolutely shameful that many of these people who are being mistreated can’t even speak up or change their situation because they desperately need to keep their jobs. Keep going to read about more shocking bosses!

A boss that doesn’t deserve their power!

Some people have no compassion.

Hopefully karma gets them!

What is the need for this? Some people are so strange.

This sounds like favoritism. 

It seems like this manager was just waiting for an opportunity to get rid of this poor worker.

This is unlawful. We hope it was pursued.

This is a crime! Report her!

We hope the boss gets pulled up on the ‘mistakes’!

Because this is what the work place is for…

3 hours?! Wow.

It doesn’t sound like this boss gets much work done. 

Mind blowing. This could have ended tragically!