Mystical Mermaid Crowns You Will Fall In Love With

It seems in recent years there has been a boom for mermaid themed products. The magical beings have a huge fan base which has resulted in all sorts of awesome creations, for example, tails that you wear whilst swimming, or those mermaid tail blankets that enable you to chill out whilst feeling like a fantasy creature! These are both great, but we’ve found something extra special in the form of mermaid crowns! Created by 27 year old Chelsea Shields, the Melbourne based florist started by making flower crowns before switching to shell crowns. Her designs have amassed a huge following and it’s easy to see why. Take a look below to see some examples of Chelsea’s amazing crowns!
Website: Etsy

Chelsea actually kept her talents private for a few years…

…but when the mermaid trends kicked in she gained confidence. Yay!

These crowns are just perfect for various things…

…stand out at a festival or fancy dress party…

…use them in photo shoots for modelling…

…or, just wear them for fun!

You’d better be quick though because Chelsea’s crowns often sell out.

But, if you prepare in advance, you could choose to get a custom order!

How great is that? Designing your own crown!

You can also feel good knowing that Chelsea sources her shells from suppliers that donate to charities.

You can tell with one look how much care, effort and attention to detail goes into every piece.

We can only imagine how cool it feels to actually wear one!

In terms of pricing, some of the crowns are fairly affordable but for the more extravagant pieces you’re might need to save your pennies for a little while!

Don’t forget to check out Chelsea’s Etsy store!