Movie Bloopers You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Animated Films

When you’re watching a movie, you know that it would have gone through a lot of thought, effort and scrutiny before being released to make sure everything is as it should be. But, as with everything in life, things aren’t always perfect and sometimes errors slip through the cracks! Here we have a collection of animated movie bloopers from some of your all time favorites. Take a look and see if you already knew any of them!

In ‘The Lion King’, one of the hyenas has a facial wound that disappears in the scene where Simba and Nala are being chased by them.

In ‘The Little Mermaid’, Ariel discovers a shiny fork with 4 prongs. When she retrieves it, the fork now only has 3 prongs.

In ‘Monsters Inc’, the locker number that Sullivan hides Boo in changes from 193 to 190.

In ‘Inside Out’, Riley’s blue book seems to magically swap places with another book.

In ‘Toy Story’, Mr Potato Head gains an eye.

In ‘101 Dalmatians’, Anita’s book transforms into a purse!

In ‘Big Hero 6’, Professor Robert Callaghan is spotted wearing two different colored shirts in the same scene.

In ‘Cars’, Lighting McQueen is seen turning left on an asphalt road. Moments later he can be seen turning on a dirt road instead.

In ‘Snow White’, Dopey pulls off the door handle trying to escape. A few moments later, the door is fixed!

In ‘Inside Out’, Riley’s mom’s glasses disappear. 

In ‘Frozen’, Elsa’s hair goes through her shoulder.