13 Food Names You May Not Have Realized Are Often Mispronounced

Considering how many words there are in the English language, you’re bound to pronounce a few of them wrong! But, there are some pesky ones that numerous people seem to struggle with, such as quinoa and bruschetta. Not only this, but there are actually simple words that people don’t realize they are saying incorrectly. Well, these handy images will help you to know the right ways to pronounce certain foods, so, you never have to feel embarrassed again. Take a look but do remember there will be some variance depending on the country you live in!
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Ah! We never knew.

Hmm, we’re craving caramel now!

Silent letters are the worst!

This is one we always struggled with…

Mmm. A hot cup of Koh-Koh would be nice around now!

Wouldn’t it be easier if things were spelled how they were meant to be pronounced? 


All of these words are making us hungry.

‘Stuh’, duh!

‘Boo’, not ‘buff’. Noted!

Wow, such a simple one!

There’s something really satisfying about this word!

We were hoping this one would be included! Everyone seems to pronounce quinoa wrong!