14 Incredible Miniature Worlds Brought To You In Gorgeous Rings You Will Love

The great thing about jewelry is there is something out there to please everyone’s different tastes. If you’re a fan of the more unique kind, we’ve got something that’s going to blow you away. These gorgeous rings brought to you by ‘SecretWood’ truly are unique as no two items are ever the same. The Canadian shop’s pieces are all handmade using resin and fresh wood. Now, you can look down at your hand and see miniature worlds and breathtaking landscapes. Take a look at some enchanting examples of the rings below!
Website: MySecretWood

The detail is incredible, particularly when you consider how small the rings are. 

The rings are available in a variety of different wood colors.

This bright piece is one of our favorites.

Be forever reminded of the sea with this one!

Whatever you desire, there is a miniature world to suit you.

As well as landscapes, there are ones with flowers available.

We imagine these rings get a lot of compliments!

The price range varies depending on what design you want. 

However, if you want to buy one as a gift or for a special occasion plan ahead as they take 5-6 weeks to make!

Rest assured the rings come in a variety of sizes.

Each and every design leaves us impressed!

Even the simpler designs are bold and beautiful.

We could browse through this collection all day long!

Here is an example of what one of the rings looks like when worn…