Mario Kart Is To Be Released On Smartphones This Year

Women and gentlemen, charge your Excitement Engines since we have some huge news – Mario Kart is going to a cell phone close you.

Nintendo already announced awhile ago they were going to go ahead with the plan but 2019 is the year it’s all going to happen!

As of yet, Nintentdo hasn’t given an exact release date but whenever it finally drops onto the app store, it will be a hit with fans from around the world. Ready to get in on some serious competitive racing.

Nintendo tweeted last year to tell fans that the game is being developed and ought to be with us in 2019.

ario Kart’s initial release was in 1992 for SNES. The original game back then was so good.

Nonetheless, it was 1996’s remastered N64 version that solidified Mario and buddies’ place in the amongst the best classical games ever made. Even if it did flare up arguements and tear families apart haha.

Mario Kart 64 was the N64’s 2nd best-selling game (beaten by Super Mario 64). Moving very nearly 10 million games, gave bananas a nourishment free revitalizing burst of energy and Bowser an awkward looking 50cc for transportation with which to race about in.

Discussion has seethed for ages with respect to which was the best course and competition in the Mario Kart universe. The outcome was the Mushroom Cup, for the most part since it looked like the engineers had been on ‘shrooms’ while building it.

Luigi Raceway, the principal track in the game, was a misleadingly awkward bang on the controller kind of a track with an irritatingly open course that brought about numerous collisions with water, columns and mysteriously blocky green hills.

Last course Kalimari Desert, had something amazingly fishy about it (BOOM!), not least those very limited wooden scaffolds that for the most part brought had you falling through the holes. It was superb.

Now it’s just a waiting game. Hurry up Nintendo!