Man Finds What He Thinks Is A Lost Dog Until He looks At Its Collar Tag

Many of you reading this will have faced the awful moment when you think you have found a lost dog. Concerned for the animal’s safety and well being whilst knowing that their family is probably sick with worry is just terrible! Tyler Wilson, from Kentucky, found himself in this very situation when he noticed a gorgeous canine roaming near his home. Thankfully, however, not all was as it seemed and this story had a happy ending. Find out what happened below!
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Meet Dew!

Tyler had spotted Dew a couple of weeks prior to this incident around the same area. 

He was relieved to see that the pooch had a collar tag, but what it read was not what he expected at all!

Dew and his unique tag received a huge amount of attention. 

But, this is not unusual for Dew as he is somewhat a celebrity where he lives and is known for being a friendly roamer!

He lives at a nearby farm with his family.

You may still feel a bit anxious for Dew’s safety but rest assured he is chipped and has a GPS tracker so his family know where he is at all times.

Though, his family say he always finds his way back home anyway.

He just can’t help but spread love wherever he goes!

If you live in the Kentucky area, be sure to be on the look out for this gorgeous dog!

You might be lucky enough to get a cuddle!