15 Hilarious Images Showing A Guy Transform Into Various Celebrities

If you’re looking for a way to channel the envy you have towards the celebrity lifestyle, perhaps you could take a page out of 18 year old New Zealander Liam Martin’s book. Liam may just be an ‘average’ guy, but he doesn’t let this stop him. He hilariously transforms into various celebrities in simple yet extremely effective ways! We really admire people like Liam who choose not to take life too seriously. Take a look at some of his awesome impersonations below!
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Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lawrence

Angelina Jolie

Iggy Azalea

Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj

Ellen DeGeneres 

Effie – The Hunger Games

Lady Gaga

Miley Cyrus

Ariana Grande

Kim Kardashian-West

Ariana Grande

Katy Perry

Cara Delevingne