Hilarious Images That Highlight The Importance Of Letter Spacing

Letter spacing (kerning) is hugely important. All it takes is one tiny gap, or lack of gap, to turn something that was otherwise innocent into something rather rude. Shop signs, advertisements and websites are all adorned with spacing errors that are waiting to be found. Here we have a collection of amusing images that highlight the importance of checking your letter spacing is correct. Take a look and prepare to be amused!

A new start with a new license plate…

What kind of oil you say?

Not something we fancy eating for breakfast…

Kerning is key!

We’re sure he does…

Don’t look, kids!

So many choices!

An interesting name for a computer business…

We wonder if this was intentional?

letter spacing fail clint starbucks


We would like to politely decline this suggestion!

letter spacing fail cover your home in a click


‘And we gonna let it bum, bum, bum…’

When you eat something dodgy and end up having an…

These lights clearly like to mess around. 

‘So, what did you learn at school today honey?’

We’re truly surprised that so many of the business related ones managed to be approved and used! Does no one double check things these days? We imagine that there have probably been quite a few complaints from offended citizens. As rude as some of these errors are, they’re great for providing a good laugh. Keep going to see more amusing  images showing horrendous letter spacing fails!

Happy birthday, Clint! Great cake!

We hope Curt enjoyed his yummy looking cake!

Not far away at all then!

Rumor has it, if you enter this store you come out a different gender…

This spacing error resulted in something terrible!

This is definitely a flawed design…

letter spacing fail mega cuts


Everything sounds better with ‘mega’ in front of it!

There seems to be a rather large amount of ‘click’ fails…

Pardon us?

No, thank you, Pepsi. We’d like to avoid this at all costs! 

When a part of your body just won’t stop hurting, you’ve got…

Fun fact, ‘vos amis’ translates to ‘your friends’ in French! ‘Vos anus’, however, is not something you want to share a CocaCola with!

Not two things we would have put together for a business idea…

letter spacing fail wig and pen