13 Adorable Examples Of Latte Art You Will Love

Anyone who has ever worked in a coffee shop will know that your manager will generally want you to do simplistic latte art, at the very least. This will usually consist of a leaf, a heart, or something similar. One day, coffee shop worker Melannie was encouraged by her friend to try out some different variations of latte art. After some¬†persistence and the ‘marriage of the perfect espresso and microfoam’, Melannie is now super talented when it comes to creating adorable and creative coffees. Take a look!
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Oh Snoopy, we couldn’t drink you!

This friendly looking dragon can live in our coffee cup anytime!

A party hat, or pizza? 

Pooh bear’s smile will never get old.

Melannie’s creations take around 3-5 minutes to complete.

A camera facing a camera! Cool!

All of these images are making us desperate for a latte.

A latte within a latte…

Who doesn’t love a pusheen cat?!

We wish we had a talent for latte art, there’s no limits to what you can choose to make!

We bet a lot of the customers that get these coffees try and make the design stay there as long as possible!

Do cats think about coffee? Guess we’ll never know!

A small collection of Melannie’s latte art.