Hilarious Images Of Kids Who Were Less Than Thrilled About Having A New Sibling

When a family is expanding, it’s completely natural for children to have mixed emotions on the subject. Some of them don’t understand what’s happening, some of them understand perfectly, either way, we think kids have the best reactions to getting a new sibling. Here we have a brilliant collection of images showing children who were less than thrilled about the new additions to their families. Take a look, they will definitely put a smile on your face!

The pregnancy test of doom!

‘She’s staying forever?’

big brother responsibilities


His reaction after reading the chalk board…

This little girl was not happy her mom was about to have another baby so she stole her bed!

‘If I wipe it enough times maybe it will disappear…’

Bless his confused little face!

When God gets it wrong…

dear god thank you for the baby


That is one seriously scary facial expression…

When you just can’t hide your joy…

‘I wanted to choose my own future!’

‘The one thing I specified was for the little thing NOT to share my bed!’

When you’re told to smile for a photo but you really don’t want to…

Things just got a little too much for this big brother…

Remove the pen and clean up the baby, or, take a picture?

kid drawing on baby


So many of these images are just priceless! How wonderful it is that the siblings can look back at these photos when they’re older and have a great laugh at them, even if they can’t remember the moments captured. It might not seem like it at the first meeting, but having a sibling is a truly wonderful thing. We love how these kids hold nothing back when it comes to their true emotions on having a new brother or sister. Keep going to see more hilarious images!

When your whole life flashes before your eyes…

‘Give me what I want or the kid gets it!’

Her expressions says ‘not only do I have to live with this thing but know I have to hold it? Great’.

When you thought you’d like something way more and it ends up a disappointment…

This little girl looks seriously grumpy!

not impressed child with baby


Being an only child vs having a sibling…

When you realize you will no longer be the center of attention…

‘This isn’t what I was expecting’.

We shouldn’t laugh, but we did, a lot. 

‘It smells so bad!’

‘It has only been here for 5 minutes and it’s already stealing all of the attention meant for me’. 

When it sinks in that you’re now the middle child…

This twins announcement is brilliant!

twins announcement