This Japanese Artist Creates Incredible Food Carvings That Are Super Creative

Food is just a wonderful thing. With so many delicious variances, it’s great that the thing that keeps us alive is so enjoyable. However, there are other ways to appreciate it! You were probably told as a child not to mess around or play with your food but here we have someone that proves this isn’t always a bad thing. Japanese artist Gaku creates intricate food carvings that are wonderful to look at. Take a look!
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Gaku practices the traditional art of mukimono which translates to ‘stripped product’. It is an important culinary ritual that spread from Japan to Thailand many years ago. Special knives are often used for the fiddly process which also¬†allow for a high quality finish. You’ll be pleased to know that Gaku eats his creations once he is done with them so there is minimal food wastage! Keep going to see more awesome carvings!