12 Freaky Items That Were Designed To Be Useless That Would Be Perfect As Prank Gifts

Before we get started on this post, any perfectionists out there need to heed this warning. If things that don’t make sense or go against their rightful nature leave you feeling uncomfortable, look away now! Because, here we have 12 freaky items that are purposely designed to be useless. Based on real everyday objects, these recreations go against the grain. Some leave us feeling quite irritated whilst others are actually rather intriguing. Take a look and see what you think!

You could use this, if you were desperate! All you’d have to do is hold it the neck of the fork end. You’d look pretty silly though!

Good luck scooping anything up with this!

The thought of food going on this furry plate makes us feel kind of sick.


Can you imagine giving this to your grandparents who love gardening? They might think it’s a new gadget!

Nope, we can’t think of a use for these… can you?

Trying to use a key like this would frustrate us to no end! But, challenge accepted!

A payback gift to your mom for saying ‘you never help out in the kitchen’…

This might actually be useful for certain areas!

Damn you, spoon thing!

This would actually make for a nice garden ornament!

We actually really like the look of this glass…