Intriguing Pictures You Don’t See Everyday

Some people live a routine life where they always follow certain schedule or rules. But there are also unpredictable people who actually don’t have particular plans in life. If there’s anything, they just go with the flow of the world whether it’s sensible or not. You can call them the happy-go-lucky types of people but their uncommonness is what makes them more amusing. Imagine a world where everyone follows a set routine and strictly adheres to it. That would be so boring, right? Thank goodness for these unpredictable people who never fail to crack us up with their silly ways.


When the grocery store runs out of plastic bags, you can grab a plastic glove instead. While we’re at it, what is the string around his foot for?

Looks like the pastry chef has finally given up. It’s like he’s saying, cut your own pastry with this.

No one is too old or too young to have fun and goof off.

What is this kid even thinking? Do roller skate and scooter go well together? We wonder.

Learn to apologize if you did something bad whether it was intentional or not. Being gracious is much better than being the subject of revenge.

Now she can’t hear and see whatever you’re trying to tell her. You might as well just give up the ice cream.

When you hear them say feel at home and you’re just doing what you’ve been told.

Happy-go-lucky people who make their own rules



A club for lettuce lovers? Why not? This club might even get huge sponsorship from the Vegan Society and PETA.

If we plant these, can they grow into Bagel trees bearing bagel fruits?

Oops… I forgot my card! Can I pay in cash instead?

For sure, they can hear you even without having to insert your head into the hole.

If only Kevin got that one question correctly, then he could’ve have gotten a very well done mark. But since he’s one point away from getting a perfect score, the teacher’s remark is also one word away from being good.

When you get more from a sandwich wrapper. Is this supposed to be a self-reminder or a secret message?

When you get into character, you have to be serious about it. Just like this clever student.

Let kids be kids and give them the freedom to do what they desire. But if they’re going to use some nasty names for their pets then that’s the time to intervene.