Intriguing Photos That Are Guaranteed to Tickle Your Fancy

Are you in need of something to amuse you in order to get you through a dull day? Consider yourself lucky because we’ve got some fascinating photos to perk up your mood. No matter what you’re doing, take time to take a break and relax your senses. Once in a while, it’s good to wander in your thoughts and put your imagination to use. But if you’re running out of inspiration, don’t worry because we’re here to give you a refreshing spark. Let these fascinating photos motivate you to face this day with a positive light.


This bird’s-eye view of a tulip field in the Netherlands is breath-taking.

Who would’ve have thought that a manhole could look this cool? Only in Germany can you find a manhole with a winding staircase that seems to lead you into a medieval portal.

This may look like an ordinary bag but this one has a special feature – it can absorb light. The second photo was captured with flashes on.

Why am I so enticed with this box of slush straws? It feels like I can’t keep my eyes off it.

We’ve seen a lot of intriguing faces and figures on wooden markings. This one isn’t hard to figure out.

When you throw shards of broken bottle into a fire, they turn into tiny glass balls that look like caviar. But of course, you can’t eat them like caviar.

What can you see? Do you see a cat’s paw? Or do you see a teddy bear?

Captivating photos you can’t help staring at



Japan isn’t only known for its stunning cherry blossom trees. Japanese are also known for their exceptional creativity and artistry. Just take a look at this tree in Legoland. Yes, people. This cherry blossom is entirely made from Lego bricks.

Who says fruits don’t have hearts? Take a look at these apples. They actually have hearts in them.

This swimming pool on top of a high-rise building is cool if you don’t mind other people watching you from below.

You’ll need sharp eyes in order to spot this tiny turtle. It would be a crying shame to step on this tiny innocent creature.

This is the aerial view of a demonstration in Armenia which consists of more than 250,000 participants.

No Photoshop is involved in the making of this photo. What you see is a hypnotizing ring made from resin and wood. The amazing skill of the artist is what made this ring so magical. A waterfall inside a ring? It’s something only magic can do.

Among this bunch of kids, one of them is bold enough to express what she truly feels about this politician.

Skydiving 101: Don’t bring your keys with you because it’s highly likely that it will float away from you mid-air.