Interesting Things That Occurred When People Installed Security Cameras

Many people around the world choose to use security cameras. The most common and obvious use for them is safety. Thieves are most likely to avoid homes with visible cameras due to fear of being caught. And, if the worst happens, you have video proof to help catch the culprit(s). However, another reason people opt for using cameras is to catch people out for certain things. Here we have a range of interesting occurrences shared by people who installed security cameras. Take a look!
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Some would say this is karma at work…

This is a case of extreme boredom!

Although cheating is terrible, filming someone without their consent isn’t good either.

We can imagine the awkward but hilarious conversation!

It’s horrible when you feel like your neighbors are up to no good!

Hopefully the security cameras are enough of a deterrent.

Interesting! We would like to have seen the footage. This sort of stuff fascinates us!


This is truly sad. We hope this person made some proper human connections. 

Wow. It’s shocking what a camera can reveal! The neighbor, boyfriend and sister have all been caught out big time!

Paranoia can be a terrible thing to deal with. If the cameras offer her comfort, so be it.

Violence is wrong whether it’s a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man. 

They must not be placed very well then!

We’ll never understand how people who steal from others can live with a clear conscience. 

Finding out something like this is awful enough without it happening in front of a colleague! 

This person should speak to their wife instead of being silently hurt.