Interesting Historical Photos You Most Likely Haven’t Seen Before

Do you know what life is in the past? Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these interesting historical photos to take a glimpse of the past. The people of the past might also have wondered what life would be in the future (in the present, technically). This current generation may or may not meet their expectations. But I bet you didn’t expect that these interesting historical photos even existed in the first place. Here’s a list of archival photos that will give you a blast from the last 200 years or so.


A woman crosses a frozen Mississippi river during the Ice Gorge in February 1905. The rugged surface of the frozen river makes it unsuitable for ice skating.

A prominent magazine in 1988 made a bold prediction of what life would be in the year 2013. To be fair, they got the urban stresses accurately but I’m not quite sure about the techno-comfort. The building design is close enough but we’ll have to wait for another hundred years for those types of cars.

This photo was taken at Olney, England circa 1951 when wives can be seen participating on a race while flipping pancakes on a pan.

The year 1912 is most remembered as the year when the luxury liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the rarest photos showing a gym aboard the passenger ship.

Bernie Sanders, cleaning up a park after being elected mayor of Burlington in 1981. He as 40-years-old at the time.

A rare photo of the 14th Dalai Lima in 1940. At the young age of 5, he became the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and will remain as the face of Tibet up to the present. He is 82 years old as of this writing.

The Central Social Institution of Prague holds the largest vertical letter file in the world. This 1937 photo shows one of its offices using elevator desks to access the files.

Incredible photos of the past



The Blitz of 1940 didn’t stop this glowing bride to carry on with her wedding. Love certainly conquers all.

The Greyhound station has business class seats in the ’60s where businessmen are given the luxury to watch TVs while they wait in line.

A destructive 9.2-magnitude earthquake in 1964 almost put the whole city of Anchorage in shambles.

This 1959 photo depicts the life of an African-American student who was labeled as the only black student in school. Racial discrimination has been a withstanding issue that has yet to be solved.

One of the things that hasn’t changed over the years is that the Star Wars franchise never lost its touch. Long queue of moviegoers patiently fall in line for its premiere in London in the year 1977.

Who could ever forget the iconic photo of the Beatles as they cross the now-famous Abbey Road? This 1969 photo shows the popular band as they prepare to cross the road for their album photo-shoot.

There were no iPhones or smartphones yet in the year 1880. But they have their own version of a hands-free phone. They are not as portable as cellphones and they are even burdensome to carry.

In 1967, Sweden switches from left-hand to right-hand driving. As you can see, the first few days have the drivers in utter confusion.