14 Interesting Facts To Involve In Your Next Quiz Night

Partaking in quiz nights is a great way to keep your brain active. Exercising your mind and feeding it new information is important to stay healthy! Quiz sessions allow you to both challenge and enjoy yourself. However, even with all the facts and topics in this world, it’s not always the easiest thing to come up with good questions if you yourself are creating a quiz, but, fear not! Here we have 14 awesome facts that would be great incorporated into any quiz. Take a look!

Now, this is something we can’t wait to see come to life!

What a fantastic idea. Well done Jon Bon Jovi!

Its own little world.

What a machine! 

Faith in humanity restored!

Wow! We would love to see this.

The name is a perfect fit!

This would be an incredible sight.

Ha! The customers must have been shocked!

Unlucky Walter. R.I.P.

Eminem will always be a legend.

This is so sad. What beautiful, emotional creatures elephants are.

Good! No one in power should be above the people that support them.

We wouldn’t want to live near by!