Inspiration For Those Wanting To Prank Their Co-Workers

It’s no secret that your job can get boring at times. We all need a little fun from time to time to spice things up, provided you aren’t putting anyone in serious danger! There are lots of awesome pranks that don’t take things too far but can still be super funny. Here we have a collection of people sharing the pranks they played on their co-workers and there’s some great gems of inspiration among the list. Take a look!
Website: Whipser

Wow! A whole month…

People must have been getting super confused and frustrated!

This is actually quite sweet! Hopefully she didn’t get into trouble!

If only we could have seen the reaction!


A strange thing to return to!

This sounds overly tame, but it does depend on what kind of person the restaurant owner was. If he was super serious he may have been raging!

The victims need to get better at being aware of their surroundings!

These kind of pranks are time consuming but worth it!

This is great because there’s no lasting damage and not too much waste. Just super annoying!

Great commitment! 

Removing this would have been draining! 

We like this one a lot. Simple, easy and effective!