Innovative People Who Are Living Years Ahead Of Their Time

Look at the bright side. You’ve got someone to keep you updated on what’s trending in the Vine.

Do these party hats make me look like a T-Rex now? Well, it’s close but not really.

Funny people who know how to deal with boredom



I guess we don’t need to ask you if you’re bored at work because the evidence is so apparent.

It would be nice to have someone walk the dog for me but everything about this sign looks sketchy. Can you entrust your dog to this bored person?

It’s good that you helped return a lost man to his better half. We’re also waiting for our chance to stumble upon lost men who need to be returned to their wives.

Boredom is indeed the mother of strange creatures such as this tinfoil musician who can play music with a plastic spoon.

They seem to be not so hungry because they prefer to use Pringles as an art material rather than a food.

With the infinity stones at his disposal, Thanos has definitely everything kept under his thumb.

Who says books are boring? Look at how these people are having the most fun on their lives with their favorite books.

Men certainly has a different definition of fresh. The giraffe looks way cooler than before but definitely not fresher.